Thanks for popping in!  I know that you’re busy, but it means a lot to me that you chose MY page to read!  This blog is meant to be an extension of patrickg.ca, to keep you up to date on what I’m working on, what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, what I’m creating, what I’m imagining, what I’m dreaming … and on and on!  It’s basically an extension of my weird brain!  I hope that you’ll stop in, by visiting www.patrickg.ca and linking here!  And, while you’re at www.patrickg.ca, do take a look around to see what’s there!

Today was one of those frustrating art days.  It started off with a rough wake up – my blood was low in the night, so I treated it, but it didn’t agree with mystomach.  I found myself RUSHING to the bathroom a few times.  Then, I had art students at 10am.  I was feeling okay by then, but was not quite myself.  Hopefully they didn’t mind.  We worked on shading and creating texture in watercolours by designing banana portraits.  The girls were quite interesting, and loved it!  Once they left, I decided to work on my website. 

It was SO maddening!  As an artist, I’m never happy with the final product!  And with that in mind, can you imagine – the endless possibilites for web design?!  And, once you get an image you kind of like … well, fuhgettaboutit!  I looked at Robert Munsch’s and Roald Dahl’s website and BLAMO!  There went my excitement for mine!  Granted, they probably aren’t designing them themselves.  Anyway.  Finally got it to something I THINK I like …. for today.

Then, I decided to clear my mind with a nice walk along the water.  I love that I live so close to the water.  It really blows my mind that at the age of 25, I live so close to the water.  My house is iffy, but the scenery is tremendous.  Amazing!  Molly and Sammy (my dogs) and I trekked out, and though they can’t walk too far in their old age and this heat, it was a really great walk.  We toured through a field, then down a winding path, met some other dogs and cut back up through a field.  The water looked fantastic, the trees were so alive.  It was perfection – minus the bugs bugs bugs!!!  Most exciting, was that the dogs were so pooped, we were able to walk leashless, like I was the Dog Whisperer!

I found an old story that I wrote in 2006.  I’ll be working on completing it appropriately soon, and sending it out to publishers.  Fingers crossed!

Have a fantastic day.  I’m off to work on the site – yet again!!!


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