Why Today is a Fantastic Today

Good morning world!

Over the course of the past year, I have been feeling very drained.  It seemed very strange to me that a guy once so filled with energy and life could feel so dang awful.  My doctor passed it off as stress, which could have been part of the problem, but certainly not the whole problem as I have always led a busy and stressful life.  I decided in April to start running in order to find more energy.

The problem was that I couldn’t seem to do it without throwing off my diabetes is a big, awful way.  There is nothing harder than teaching 10 year olds and experiencing a low blood sugar.  If you don’t know what it’s like, try to imagine having not eaten for a good 10 hours, and the shaky feeling that takes over your body.  You can’t focus, you start to sweat, you have an insatiable hunger, and you are crankier than your grade 3 teacher was.  Then, try having that happen almost every hour for about 36 hours after you’d gone for a run.  I don’t know why it was happening – I had taken every precaution – having extra snacks, cutting back on insulin near run time, and checking in every hour with the blood tester.  It was too much.

Between trying to figure out the ins and outs of a brand-new-to-me century old house, juggling 23 students and a new report card system as well as their parents (no complaints, it’s my job!), and taking care of 2 old dogs who seem to suffer from separation anxiety – as well as  their new kitten who loves getting into everything, PLUS the usuals of everyday life – family, friends, hobbies, relationship – well, suffice it to say – I was beat.  Running was not something I could add to my list of things to do at that point.

So this summer I took it easy.  Easy for me, anyway.  I did some small jobs around the house, but put off dusting every other day.  I got an automatic robot vacuum, so that I wouldn’t need to do the floors anymore.  I started PAINTING again, in a massively intoxicating way.  I gave art lessons.  I walked the dogs every single day, at least twice a day.  I didn’t think about school or assessment or plans or discipline or job postings or anything at all.  I picked vegetables from my garden.  I weeded my gardens and felt proud about the look of my yard, ugly as it still may be.  I found a glass doorknob and put it on my bedroom door.  I went out for coffee and went garbage picking for treasures.  I did all of the things I wanted to do, just for me.  But I still felt drained.

So I decided to give it another go.  On Wednesday, I went for my first run of the rest of my life.  Well, a training run – you know, the walk-run kind.  I didn’t take the dogs because they just can’t keep up.  I ran for 19 minutes (walked about 11 of them and ran 8).  Then on Friday, I did 22 minutes (walked 11, ran 11!).  This morning I did 23:30, and ran 11:34 and walked the rest.  And I feel GREAT!  I haven’t had this energy is years.  I haven’t felt this excitement boiling in my chest since I was in highschool.  I feel like I can see things in a new way.  I can smell new things.  I am calmer with the dogs.  I am bouncing off the walls!  My diabetes isn’t being affected. And, I’m sleeping better than I have in ages.

So today is a fantastic today.  Why?  Because I feel fantastic.  But if that doesn’t convince you, here are more reasons: 
– I went for a great run!
– The dogs are almost retrained – they SAT and STAYED while I walked around the house!!!
– The sun is shining
– My garden is beaming: tomatoes are turning red, cucumbers still growing wildly, corn nearly ready and my sunflowers have started to blossom!!!
– My lovely lady friend is coming over!
– It’s not too hot but not too cold!
– I just feel great!

Here’s to a fantastic today for you, too.  If you aren’t having one, maybe you should make a list to brighten up your outlook.  Believe me, it’s the little things that make a person smile.  Appreciate those sights, sounds, smells, and small hurdles we overcome, that are all too often overlooked.  And have a fantastic today!



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2 responses to “Why Today is a Fantastic Today

  1. Natalie

    Unfortunately this will be an on going cycle for the next 30 years, or as long as you are a teacher. The stressed out to the max feeling during the school year followed by blissful summers. The key is finding balance. MUCH easier said than done. Stay active, run, walk, all winter long no matter what, do things that make you happy, and say NO more often. Smell those roses all year long!

    I’m happy that you have gotten your stride back (I call it my mo-jo, but ever since Austin Powers used it in another context people laugh at me.)
    Today is a fantastic day. Thanks for reminding me. I’m gonna go smell my kids. 🙂

    • You’re so right – and balance is what I’ve been lacking. It’s my professional goal for this year, to find better balance among planning, teaching, assessing, worrying and then the personal side of things. I adopted a new puppy this afternoon – which will force me to get out and walk her (she’s a big one!), and will remind me to spread some attention fairly, rather than in bulk periodically! The running and walking MUST continue! I hope that your smelling of the kids was enjoyable! 🙂

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