I finally have found the time to update my website!

Since I began working on the “new” design in July, I have struggled with servers and hosts and all kinds of things that I really don’t understand, in order to get some stories and working links.  Today, the first day of my winter vacation without anywhere to go, I decided to try again.  Well, it worked!  After hours of desperate trying and contacting site support, at least.

My new year’s resolutions will include trying to keep the site up to date, this blog updated and interesting, and to promote the bajeebers out of myself!

If you know of anyone looking for writing workshops, classes, or art lessons, do let them know about me.  Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising, and while the internet takes on a “media” form of advertising, it still boils down to people sharing with people.  Only with your belief, support and help, will I be able to spread my love for writing and illustrating across the planet!  Link often, visit often, and email me often!

I have had some ideas for stories lately, but none of them seem to be children’s stories!  I’ve been having a lot of nightmares over the course of the past few months, and they often give me ideas for disturbing tales.  I do, however, have some gems on my computer that have been waiting for illustrations … stay tuned for those!  They include “A Bad Case of Homeworkitis” and “UFO: Unidentified Farting Objects”!  They are popular with my students, which means they must be at least half decent!

As I sit here in my cozy living room, my girlfriend ferociously playing her new Wii, my dogs cuddling each other (they love that I’m home!), and the Christmas gifts packed under the tree, I realize how fortunate I am.  It’s not often that a teacher gets to sit and reflect in the calm and still of a week day, but today has been a great one.  I slept in, enjoyed a delicious brunch, chose NOT to do the dishes until dinner, and took Sammy and Mavis (Molly isn’t doing to well, sadly) for a nice long walk around town.  Then, I cleared some snow in the back yard and created a Canadian Agility course for Mavis (she’s the big dog).  She is so smart – her training is starting to work!  After coming inside the warm house and updating my site, I’ve been flooded with a happy feeling – it is so nice to have time to sit, rest, relax, and think. 

I hope that your Christmas was as enjoyable as mine.  And, I hope that you have a chance to sit, rest, relax and think.  Set some goals, and check back in … I’ll be trying to keep this up!


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