The Dog Days of Winter

I was out for a walk through the snow with Big Dog today, and got thinking about writing.

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote something – anything – fictional.  I have stories running through my mind all of the time, but I find I need to sit on them and let them hatch … then, suddenly, there they are, and I can’t get to a computer or pad or scrap of paper fast enough! (Pictures are at the bottom!)

I really need to create more.  I need to write, and I need to art (yes, I’m using it as a verb – get over it!) – and to do this, I am going to try two things new for the next year.

1) I will write on this blog at least once a week.

2) I will take some sort of art class or course – yes, yes, I give lessons, but every teacher is a student. 

I was watching Bravo’s show, Star Portraits ( and was amazed at how refined the art was.  Even the more abstract portrait of Mary Walsh was stunning.  These artists clearly practice their craft daily – in fact, I believe all three artists earned a living doing just that.  What a fantastic and beautiful life it would be to make an income doing what you do in your spare time.  In fact, I even found myself daydreaming about living somewhere private, beautiful and inspiring (I don’t know, somewhere south?) and living out my days leisurely, viciously attacking the canvasses at night (I create best at night).

I think the same dream is true of writing.  How incredible it would be to go to “work” each day, a large coffee in one hand, a Macbook Pro (I WISH!) on my back, and Big Dog’s leash in the other hand.  Create, create, create ……………….. and get PAID for it! COOL!

The battle is ongoing – I know that even published authors and illustrators make minimal amounts of cash – even a Canadian best seller is only about 5,000 copies!  But, wouldn’t it be heavenly to walk into a classroom and have the kids know who I am – even though I don’t teach there?  Imagine!  So I continue to battle it out – sending out manuscripts, always wondering if I am kidding myself, and anxiously awaiting the rejections in case the editor included some sort of advice.  It’s only ever happened once out of dozens of rejections, but I keep that note in my mind every day: “While your story is good, and illustrations are beautiful, it doesn’t stand out enough from the other submissions we recieve.”  That’s it, that’s all.  What I wouldn’t give for a few more tips!

So while walking today, I thought, it must be time for my brain to give me something new.  And so it did.  Please enjoy my latest ramblings, a poem entitled “I am a Dog”.

I Am A Dog
by Patrick Guindon
December 30th, 2010

I am a dog,
Why can’t you see
That I don’t want
To walk perfectly.

I’d rather stroll
Around the park
And run and jump
And poop and bark.

You bring those bags
And pick it up!
That’s so disgusting
I’m just a pup.

I am a dog,
Stop calling my name,
You know I’ll come back
When I’m done my game.

Don’t tell me to sit
Or lay down or play dead,
If I said that to you,
You’d bite off my head!

It’s as if you can’t hear
What I’m saying to you,
And you think that I’m stubborn!
If I am, you are too!

I am a dog,
Let me lick my thigh,
It’s just ‘cuz it feels good,
I’m not gonna lie!

I am a dog,
So let me be one,
I let you be human,
Though it doesn’t look fun.

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Thanks for the inspiration, Mavis!  You are a good big dog.


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  1. vajahat

    Thats a great story i like it and your dog is funny lol.

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