The First Piece

Produce'd Hands - Jan. 1/11

Here is the first piece of art that I have produced this year! Completed in watercolour and pencil, on ridiculously large watercolour paper, it represents many things. I will let you decide what it says to you.

In other exciting news, I have found an online writing class that I may take (something to keep me feeling fresh in the ever lonely writing world), and have decided against the art class I was going to enrol in, in town. It seems to me that I may be bored, as it is a beginner’s class, and that would just be a waste of time and money. So, I continue to search.

I found a class offered in Ottawa, but no upcoming dates are available, and it was being offered during the day time, but, it would have been wonderful – Illustrating children’s books! If you know of any great (online or distance, preferably) illustration classes, let me know. I want to improve my illustrative abilities as a “next step” (there’s that teacher inside of me speaking).

It feels good to have some focus in what I want to work on, short-term, although it is frustrating when the resource costs cash, and the fridge is on the brinks and the floors need to be done sooner rather than later, and student debt looms. Fingers crossed with winning on a scratch ticket … it would be oh-so-nice.



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3 responses to “The First Piece

  1. vajahat

    Thats amazing how you drew that it lookes real and how did you do the hands like that!!!.

    • Thanks! It was sketched with a pencil first. I just looked at my hands in the position I wanted to draw them in, and did a lot of erasing. Shading covers up mistakes nicely, and then the watercolour paint added a nice rich tone to it as well. It was a fun, and challenging, piece to work on.

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