Sunday, Monday … ack.

Suddenly, it’s Monday.

It’s past midnight on a Sunday night, and I just can’t sleep.  I had a major weekend of catching up and getting ahead, and even though my to-do list is still beaming with boat loads of projects and mini repairs and checkmark boxes missing checkmarks, I’m way ahead of where I thought I’d be.  This is rare for a Sunday.

I’ve been digesting the first draft of my YA novel, “The Wrong Road,” which I completed in January.  There are probably 5-8 more scenes to add and lots of changes to be made.  I’ve got notes from a great friend/my boss (yay for friendly bosses!) and have my own notes as well.  I’m ALMOST ready to dive back in.  This is my process:

IDEA … digest … POUND out loads of writing … digest … notes … MORE major writing … review … fix … digest … repeat.

More or less.  Not really.  But sort of.  It’s hard to identify.  I spend a lot of time visualizing my setting, and then my characters, and their reactions.  I think in their voices and imagine how they would react to situations I am faced with.  I jot notes and make sketches and write summaries.  Then I write.  For real.

My problem is that I have a major attention deficit when it comes to a project.  I know the story like the back of my foot (“hand” just seemed like a cliche, but foot seems stupid … but you know what I mean), and I know how it will be when it is done.  But as I get into that creative process, others attack my mind.  I have had an idea floating around in my brain for about a year now, and I have a feeling that it’s almost ready to hatch.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a bit magical, and a lot creepy, and very questionably strange.  It’s based on a doorway to nowhere, but that’s all I’ll say.

The other problem I face is that it takes me a good hour to two hours to simmer into writing.  Once it’s ready, it’s a burst, but the prep time can be irritating as all heck.  I was working on a course (I’m taking part 1 of my Special Education qualification – teacher me is, anyway), and I sat there for 13 hours, and man did I do well.  But it took a good hour to get into it.  I wish I had 13 hours to devote to writing every day, but I just don’t.  Unless you’ve sold a lot of books and optioned movies from those books, are family-rich with old money, won the lottery, or are an unemployed bum, you don’t have that kind of time.  My time is devoted to my students, my girlfriend, my pets, my house (which is in need of repair – more cha ching), my art and my writing (not necessarily in that order).  So I need to split it up and find time to give to each.  Not to mention keeping a blog and a website and a teaching blog … ok, you get it, I’m busy.  Point is – I don’t have long chunks of time to give, so I do it in bursts when I can.

I know that I could probably pound out a couple of new chapters tonight, but it’s 12:20 and I need to try to sleep.  Otherwise, I’ll be useless tomorrow, and that’s – right now – the job that pays the bills!  Plus, those 30 little bodies need me to teach them how to study effectively, how to write a damn good report, and the difference between composite and prime numbers.  If I can’t focus, or stay awake for that, then I am a crappy teacher and don’t deserve the job.  And in my opinion, I deserve the job.   So I’ll try to sign off and hit the pillow, and pray for a good couple of days of keeping up with marking and coursework, so that I can devote some time to writing, querying and maybe even making a couple of fun videos.

Speaking of which …  🙂

Happy Monday, folks!


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