Tea Pots & Others

I’ve been doing my best to sketch, sketch, sketch.  Keeping your hand moving truly is the best way to keep yourself improving and growing.  It’s also challenging to find the time.

I’ve been trying to sketch every day.  And, I’ve been trying to do one tea pot a day.  I was told by an illustrator that this was a great activity to improve your drawing abilities of an object (it didn’t need to be a tea pot, I just picked that because I find them oddly fascinating), as well as a great way to force out your own unique style.  I’m not sure what my style is, but I’m only about 4 tea pots in and can already see the differences each day.  Some of them suck, and some of them aren’t bad.  I haven’t drawn one yet that I feel “rocks”.  I also can’t find the sketch book that I started them in.  I’m going to show you two of them right now (the past 2 days worth):

Saturday & Sunday’s Tea Pots, and some other sketches I’ve been working on.  They’re “stage one sketches” – and will likely stay that way, until I have a bigger purpose for them.  Their current purpose is to simply allow me to practice.  But, I thought I’d share.  Positive and Constructive Comments welcome (send those by email to patrick@patrickg.ca)!

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