An evolutionary painting

This is one I consider to be evolutionary.  It started with a bright red background.  Then, I thought I should add some white, icicle looking dribbles.  Then, I thought to myself, hmmmm, that looks like it could make some excellent abstract flower stems,so I flipped it upside down and threw blue paint at it, eventually creating a blue wild flower design.  But I didn’t quite like it.  I decided to add some black to the stems, and suddenly I had this birch tree looking thing, but when I sprayed it, all the red mixed in and suddenly I had an old lady mauve.  HATED IT!  After much fussing and fretting, I’ve got what I THINK I might like.  What do YOU think?

July 27, 2011 - new piece


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One response to “An evolutionary painting

  1. tyler eldridge

    its really nice.i like the background.keep painting!

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