PiBoIdMo – Day One!

I’ve been having more fun saying “piboidmo” than anything else lately. I pronounce it like a word … although I’m not sure if that’s the point.

If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, PiBoIdMo is “Picture Book Idea Month” – and I opted to particpate this year. Throughout November, I’ll be coming up with a new idea EVERY DAY for picture books. Sounds crazy, right? It kind of is.

I decided to use my full time job as a sounding board for the project. Every day, I use my Gr. 2 students to announce an idea. Then, they tell me whether or not it sucks. They’re VERY honest and as an added bonus … my target audience!

It’s an interesting way to pull an idea out of you. I’ve made myself accountable to the project by making it known that they will hear about a new story each day – 7 year olds don’t let you out of it. I’ve also made a calendar to record the ideas on. And, I check or “ex” the idea based on their response. I basically stand in front of the class and describe the story … in a way, I’m pitching it to them!

Today, I had jus a few words in my head when it was time to tell them about it. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with the BS chromosone … I can pull out anything if put on the spot! I approache the floor with this idea: “A really disorganized teacher.” It turned into a story about a really disorganized teacher, a really tidy student body, and a machine that gets out of control. I’ve retold the idea a few times – to the kids, to my fiancee, to myself … and it’s starting to develop into something much more sustainable in terms of writing-worthy.

I’ve never worked like this before, but it is a great way to learn a new skill and to get out of my lack-of-creativity-rut.

Stay tuned … more to come!!


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