Freshening Up

I always find that making things fresh is not only inspiring, but motivating and necessary every few weeks or months.

I’ve just reworked my website – the same basic bones, but a bit more streamlined, simplified and modern in look.  I like it for now, though I am sure in a year I’ll get bored!

Other things I like to refresh to keep myself feeling good:

– The arrangement of the furniture and decorations in the house: my family thinks I’m nuts, because everytime they come over, I’ve moved SOMETHING … oh well, keeps it feeling clean, right?!

– My classroom: at least once a month I rework something.  I always change the seating plans, because after four weeks with the same kids, kids get too comfy and start falling into bad habits.  I change the tables around when I’m feeling stressed, and clearing off my desk (which is usually pretty bare anyway) or other pile-finders helps me feel like things are fresh, clean and keeps me feeling on-track.

– My tatse in food, clothes, music, decor, house plans, and oh yeah, life plans.  I swear, I’m changing my goals on a bi-weekly basis lately, trying to figure out what works for me.  Just when I think I’ve got it, it feels too safe and I feel stagnant, and need to rejig something about it.  Right now, I’m seriously considering finding a part time job to help pay for gas and the wedding; I’m also trying to figure out if opening my dream bookstore would be worthwhile or just stress filled and financially wrong.

Why I love freshening things up so much, I’ll never know.  It drives me crazy, but I need to do it.  Maybe it’s my artistic soul, or maybe it’s the ease with which we can change things now (thank you internet and computers) … or maybe I’m just a weirdo.

Hey, have you visited my NEWLY freshened up site?? will not dissapoint!  Maybe it will, but I like it.  I hope you do, too.  There are four free stories (with art bits in some of them) available for you to read, and a sneak peek at Sad Monster, my first published storybook, as well as a link to the store to buy it at!  Or you can go right there –  🙂


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  1. Mom

    I don’t think you’re nuts. I like change too. Everyone needs it. Keep it up. Just don’t change “who” you are and that’s just a great guy!

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