In The Studio

When I bought this house two years ago, I was excited about the possibilities, overwhelmed by the amount of work to do, and fell in love with the smallest room.  Many times since moving in, I’ve considered moving the master bedroom into the tiny room.  It’s calm, inviting and peaceful.  It has fantastic light.  The view of the two massive trees in the backyard is beautiful.  The floors are disgusting (as are the rest in the house).  In fact, they’re sloped.  Big time.  For most of the past year, it’s served as an “office” space, has at times worked for me as a studio, but has never felt …. quite right.

This weekend was my birthday.  The big 2-7.  It felt weird.  I realized that I was an adult, I think.  More than I ever have before.  (And it was in a good way.)  Long story short, Stephanie (my fiancee) bought me two of my dream gifts.  I never thought I would recieve them, let alone ever own them, as I don’t usually splurge much on things I desire (I usually splurge on stupid things for no rhyme or reason).  She bought me a beautiful, soft leather bound journal and a drafting table.  WOW.  But this meant, I needed to make room for it in my teeny tiny office.

Somehow, I did it.  I cleared out some clutter and did some purging (I wonder if she bought it for me so I would toss the stuff that’d been collecting).  I rearranged a bit and came out with a pretty great set up.  I felt excited about it – mainly about the drawing table and the fact that I had a creative area that felt permanent.  Not the kind that I had to set up and tear down …. this one would be staying.  I realized something was missing, and decided to splurge and give myself a birthday gift.  I bought a luscious, green shag rug from Ikea.  It was nice in the store … but it’s BEAUTIFUL in my office.  I mean … gorgeous.  It ties together a colour theme that I didn’t even know existed!!!  The room feels warm and cozy; inviting and inspiring; like home.  It’s as if it’s the way it was meant to be.  Of course, I’d love some dark hard flooring underneath, and perhaps a new light fixture.  The closet needs more purging.  But I can WORK now!

Here are some pictures of what I’m talking about, including my first sketch.  It’s crazy how much easier a drafting table with multiple tilt-options makes the job.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you have a great space for whatever it is that you do.  Do you?


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