It’s a word I’ve been using a lot lately when it comes to my art.  Not that I think MY art is revolutionary by ANY means.  It’s quite plain and simple, and there’s still a lot to learn.  What I mean is, I feel like every time I paint – as I’ve mentioned before – I have a mini epiphany and suddenly the experience was revolutionary for me as an artist.

Today was a fantastic day for me art-wise.  After years of painting and developing a style, I feel like all of my efforts paid off, in one four-hour class with two amazing artists.  Stephanie, my fiancee, and I attended a Whimsical Painting Workshop, hosted at Our Beautiful Obsession Studio in downtown Cornwall.  The studio is owned and operated by two incredible local artists, Emily MacLeod and Tracy Lynn Chisolm.  The demo lasted about five minutes, and after that we just went to work – but it was the approach to the art that struck a chord and opened up my artistic potential: by painting on a black surface and using the underneath as the outlining, and utilizing the black to work additional textures into the finished product.  I stood back in shock and thought, this is what I’ve been wanting it to look like.  It still had my style: quirky, bright, bold lines, and an overall vibrant playfulness that I try to achieve with each piece.  But it was better than usual, all because I spent a very small amount of money on my first ever art class (imagine, after painting for 14 years, this was my first class?!?).

This piece was inspired by a number of clippings of rubber boots that I found in magazines.  The garden gnome, Finnigan, was named by one of the other artists present, an adorable retired teacher (there were a lot of us teachers present!), and all in all I am very pleased with the outcome.

Even Steph, who was very nervous about the workshop, came out with a gorgeous piece of artwork, which now lives over the bed and brightens up our room.  I loved that even though there were about 15 artists present, we all came out with drastically different pieces, utilizing a common approach.  That’s what art is about.  It was inspiring and so extremely positive for me to find this in my city, and to be able to have been a part of it.

It was a revolutionary day!


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