What a freaking wild summer it’s been.  I’ve renovated a bathroom, installed a new floor, created at least 2 dozen new paintings, organized an Art Festival, set up a classroom, visited an amazing space with my art, and I’m sure other things that I just can’t remember right now.  It’s been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to get back to this blog!

Today, I just want to share one of my favourite art forms, with some thoughts on it.  I promise to keep it short (that’s my new goal).

Music is just incredible.  It inspires me visually and soothes my spirit.  A student gave me a hefty iTunes gift card as a parting gift in June (best gift ever!) … I downloaded loads of new music, and this is one of the bands I found through my iTunes searches for new music:

ALL of their songs are amazing.  They soothe me, excite me, and inspire me.  Everytime I hear them, I instantly sing along, even though I don’t know the words.  I feel that urge to pick up my guitar, even though I can’t find any chords for their songs, and I imagine the amazing things I could do with their music in my Arts classes at school.  They are the perfect blend of hippie-acoustic, soft and hard, and have this incredible balance between vocals and instruments.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.

This song, “Monsters Calling Home,” also the name of the band, gives me goosebumps every time.  I don’t know if it’s inspired by Where the Wild Things Are (my favourite) but it should have been in the soundtrack to the film, because it is perfect.  When I hear it, I see the painting I need to produce to go along with the song, even if I’m the only one who ever knows about it.  It’ll come – I can see it, but need more time to develop the skills to actually paint in the style of the music.

Amazing band; amazing song; amazing art!


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