Writing advice is stupid.

Writing advice is stupid.Image



Okay, it can be good when the timing is right, but a true writer writes using their experiences and their knowledge of written form they learned through reading.  What works for one writer shouldn’t work for another – that’s why there can be so many different writers.  I read once that Maurice Sendak suggested that artists NOT go to art school, because it taints their artistry.  I would have to agree, and apply it to writing.  

I’ve picked up some pointers, here and there.  I’m not saying “DO NOT READ ABOUT WHAT OTHER WRITERS DO!”  I’m saying, don’t take it to heart.  That’s the fastest way to stop writing.  You will question everything and finish nothing.  You won’t gain experience and you’ll never get better.

So stop looking for advice, and start writing.


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  1. geminye

    I agree with you to a degree on this. Writing, like any other art, must be individually developed. You can’t learn artistry. You can learn techniques and skills. But nothing can replace experience.

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