And The Dogs Shall Bark

On the first day, She made light.

Then She made dogs. They were lovely creatures – furry, loyal, loving, and very licky. (Read: lick-ee; as in, loves to lick or licks a lot)

After She made dogs, She made stupid humans who felt “love” for dogs, adopted them, and then forgot about them. Real jerks, you know? “Ah, I think I’ll get a dog, feed it twice a day, and otherwise pretend that I don’t have a dog.” Great plan.


After She made dog-owners, she made writers. Writers who work from home, because they still have full time jobs and only get to write between work hours and other commitments. Writers who get up earlier than needed to do some solid writing.

The writers, who work from home, were placed in neighbourhoods far and wide among irresponsible pet owners whose dogs barked and barked and barked. They chirped so high-pitched that the poor writers had no choice but to grind away their teeth and write irritated blog posts because they couldn’t focus on their dang manuscripts.

In other news, my current MS rocks, but is being disturbed by the two dogs who live down the street. Not by MY dogs, who are properly cared for and are sleeping by my feet as I write. But by the dogs who are tied outside for hours on end. Seriously people, get responsible or rehome the dog. We’ll both thank you.



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