Getting It Done

I’ve adopted a new approach, not just to writing, but to everything.

It’s been inspired by the big message that I heard from the Upper Canada District School Board’s “Innovate Now” Small School Summit:

There is no perfect time to _______. That time is NOW!

Dogs? Kids? Busy? Too bad! If you want to do what you say you want to do, the time to do it is NOW!

So I have adopted this whole-heartedly. I looked around the house and thought, “What do I need to do? Well, I’ve been looking at the unfinished trim around the ‘new’ (3 years ago) front door, and the drywall needing to be repaired after being eaten by the dogs; there’s the unfinished touch-ups to drywall and painting of new trim around the actually-new back door; the pantry needs another shelf installed and to be reorganized; the front steps need their railing re-attached; this shelf I bought needs to go up; the new chalk board needs to be installed instead of sitting around making the dining room look messy ….” And so on.

Normally, I’d make a list.

But a list encourages me to put it off. If it’s on the list, it’ll get done. Except, it doesn’t.

So, I started to do these things NOW!

I started on Saturday. So far, I have:

– re-attached the railings
– installed the chalk board and made the new corner look pretty (important to me that everything always looks stylish and great)
– installed the new shelf and organized the pantry
– installed the other new shelf that I bought this week
– finished the drywall, painted it and painted the trim (with the exception of the front door dry wall, because I need to sand it down and it is an ongoing process!)

IT FEELS GREAT!!!! I am on a roll. These things that I need to do and put off because I don’t have time, actually have taken less time than I’ve spent worrying about them.

It’s time to apply this to everything. It’s time to get this manuscript revised and edited and sent off to query instead of dreaming about it. It’s time to WRITE the stories I’m dreaming of. It’s time to put together the portfolio that exists in my head and send off some of these fantastic post cards that other illustrators do. It is time to TRY.

Enough thinking about it – it’s time to just do it.


Ahhh, organized and everything fits with the new shelf added. I should’ve done this months ago!


I’m just in love with this chalkboard, and the lovely corner. Original artwork by me, and is there anything better than fresh flowers to bring a room to life? The clock is another favourite feature of mine.



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3 responses to “Getting It Done

  1. good for you !
    What is the chalk board for ?

    I like to have lists for the day… and in the evening, say I can throw it away ! 😉

    • Thanks! 🙂

      The chalkboard is for our weekly menus – it’s the only way we stay on track with proper eating and with the grocery bill!! The bottom portion is for fun doodles and notes. I am a major chalk board lover … it must be because I’m a teacher, although I absolutely hate teaching on a chalkboard. But, if I can turn a surface into chalk (like a table or wall) then I am in HEAVEN!

      I am a major list lover, but with my new attitude of JUST DOING IT, I’ll be able to get way more done! I used to just make lists and never actually get around to most of the things on it!

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