PiBoIdMo Day 1

The day after Halloween is an exhausting one!  Yesterday in class, we spent the day creating delicious, nutritious food for lunch, and then cleaning up. We made bread, soup, salad with loads of toppings, iced lemon water and smoothies. It was delicious; the kids were great; then I went home to give out candy.  The moral of the story is, I am pooped.

Driving in this morning I thought about PiBoIdMo. “I’m just too drained to get thinking about it until later … maybe I’ll put it off and do 2 ideas tomorrow.” As if ideating is a process you can control. Right.

I didn’t have a new notebook, and I wanted one. I have lots of half-finished notebooks, but PiBoIdMo calls for a new one. Plus I saw all the fun ones in the Facebook group and it made me jealous.

I came into my classroom, fired up the computer, and since it is the 21st century, as I waited forever for it to start up, I checked my email on my phone, finding today’s post on titles, by Tammi Sauer. Well, forget about it. I got to work right away. 3 titles popped into my head, and I was going to jot them on a piece of paper but stopped myself. I ran out to the car in the pouring rain and grabbed the sketchbook I keep in there (I know, weird), and jotted down the ideas there. I do have “new notebook” on my grocery shopping list for tonight, but I HAD to get started!

So it’s begun … a month of excrutiatingly exciting, sometimes painful, sometimes so abstracted that I can’t think clearly anymore, ideating. Let the games begin!


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