A New Notebook

Today I got a new note book for PiBoIdMo, courtesy of my wonderful wife, who is adamant that I continue to create. She knows it makes me happy and keeps me as myself, and so she insists. I am a lucky writer/artist.

I wasn’t overly pleased with the selection of note or sketch books available in town. WalMart’s were lame – too many pages for what I wanted. It makes me feel like a failure when the books are left 2/3’s empty (because I’ve moved on to another book, because these are too long and I’ve lost interest). The Moleskins at Staple’s were only lined, and the lines were too dark. I prefer the blank ones, or faint lines. Then we went to Cole’s, the ONLY book store in town (which lets me down almost every time), and I found some blank Moleskins, but they only had the black covers, and I wanted the brown, organic looking kind. Also, they were $22. Give me a break! I’m not made of money! I just need an inspiring place to keep my ideas.

They had some beautiful ones, but they are clearly for women, or too filled up with art already, and so I was displeased. As the people who worked at the store were closing up for the night (because in Cornwall, things close at 5:30pm on a Saturday – ugh), I found one that was manly, with faint lines, and not TOO thick (although maybe too thick, we’ll see). I think my next goal will be to learn to make my own books, because the selection for WRITER-ARTISTS who are MEN is very poor. I’d like to make my own paper and bind it and make it really awesome. I just need the time and some more information on how to do it… oh, and space to do it.

Anyway, I am pleased with the notebook, and I also found these AWESOME pencil crayons that are double-ended – 2 colours in one pencil! They aren’t the greatest quality, but they are cool and fun and new. They will help me get my ideas down quicker, too!

I’ve come up with 6 ideas for PiBoIdMo so far, none of which will sell (probably), or at least none I will likely pursue as I don’t know that they’d suit the brand I am after. But, we’ll see. The more ideas, the better chance I have of finding that treasure. Right



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