You know when an idea sneaks up on you and attacks your entire being? I LOVE THAT!

This morning I was walking around the classroom, observing what the students were doing with their math problem. They were working away, trying their very best to do their best, finally working a little more independently than ever before.

I don’t want to give away too much of the idea, so I will be fairly vague in what the action and my response was. Basicall, Student asked a question, to which I have answered so many times that I almost need a pre-recorded message. I have a sign with my response (not the answer). Yeah, I’m snarky. Take that, Seven Year Old!

I realized as I was completing the action that with a little bit of structure, I could turn my everyday routine into a comedy manuscript. I grabbed my notebook and jotted down the first hundred words to capture the flavour before forgetting or being pulled off to help someone with their shoes, fart issues, nose picking problems, or spelling woes.

WABAM! Today’s idea: done! And more developed than any of the other ones to date.


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