The Year In Review While Looking Forward

It’s New Years Eve, and the blog posts and articles about resolutions are rolling in by the hundreds. I’m jumping in on it, too – mostly for myself.

The past year was very productive for me in terms of writing. I wrote more than I ever have in the past. I was able to complete two first drafts of 2 very different middle grade novels, and saw my own writing evolve, grow and change. I completed PiBoIdMo with more than 30 ideas, albeit very few of them are workable into good stories. I revised one of the novels I wrote, too, and joined a critique group. Actually, I joined 2 critique groups, but one of them is fairly inactive. I also can’t seem to grasp using Yahoo groups – it is just too outdated and run-aroundy.

I sent off queries for my MG thriller to five agents, and received five rejections. Ouch! But it is okay, because the final rejection came in with a lot of useful feedback.

This year, in terms of creating, I resolve to:

1) Resume my 4 hours of writing a week.

2) Read at least 3 books about writing.

3) Read at least 10 novels, for MG, YA and/or Adults.

4) Continue to peruse the picture book section at Coles, while getting weird looks from their staff who probably haven’t ever read a book before.

5) Revise MG thriller by showing rather than telling.

6) Learn to show more! (See #2, 3 and 5 – they will help with that.)

7) Carry a notebook with me everywhere. Write ideas down when they come.

8) Blog more. And find a dang purpose for blogging, while I’m at it.

I believe in balance. I believe that I will be an awful writer if I don’t balance my time, my interests and my life in general. This means that I need to give myself permission to sit quietly, to not think about work, to not think about my work-in-progress. This means I need to be present while walking the dogs, and eating dinner with the Mrs. This means I need to get back to some sort of working out. Mostly, it means I need to leave my stress at work, so that the rest of me is the best me, the rest of the time.

Like any writer or artist, I intend to find a way of doing this as a living. This year is dedicated to improving my craft, completing solid projects, and allowing myself to be more than a teacher – I will be my whole self this year. At least, I will try.



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  1. I won a copy of this little book Show & Tell in a Nutshell. It’s pocket sized, so it’s not a difficult textbook to study. What it does well is give examples of passages which were transitioned from tell to show. It’s agrat place to start! Good luck.

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