52 Weeks: Week 3

This was the wildest week since I have started this personal challenge, so cramming in time for art was a bit of a challenge. I am still searching for my style. I’ve signed up for an illustrating course (starts next week!) and am trying to get away from my comfort zones. I’m revisiting my gut-reaction subjects, the ones that really speak to me … monsters and creepers and other cute things that should be cute, though I am really feeling the creepy vibe right now (must be all the Hallowe’en books we’ve been reading at school!). I’m looking at my form and wondering how I can render it to be a bit better. I’ll be experimenting with crayons once this weekend settles down!

This week’s piece started as a sketch that I hated. Actually. I hate when animals wear clothes in picture books. It really bothers me for some reason. It’s mostly the cutesy ones. But I had the gut feeling that this guy needed to look a little more dapper than your typical frog. He was supposed to be creepier, and I wasn’t even focused on making him a frog, but this is what came out. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I do like the colour – it’s a bit darker than I normally work with and felt a bit nostalgic. The text isn’t from a manuscript, it just felt “right.” I wanted to see him with some text.

And so, the journey continues … douglas


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