My Process

It’s been a while so I wanted to share how I create my watercolour and ink monsters.

Step One: I was asked to make a monster for a little boy’s birthday. I started with a sketch. He originally had his arms down and no belly stripes.  
Then I sketched a rough idea to add more monsters, since it would be gifted from his siblings. I also moved the name down and centred it more.

I sketched out the new monsters. 

Then, I gave one of the monsters a bow and a skirt.

Now it’s time to transfer the sketch to watercolour paper. I use an old projector as a light box.   


Now that it’s traced in pencil, I can go over it with a sharpie. Then, I erase the pencil marks.


Next, I set up in my makeshift studio … The playroom!



My assistant: 


The finished product:




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2 responses to “My Process

  1. Is this how you illustrate all the time? I have such a challenge to transfer my final drawing to very good watercolor paper. I have a very small light box. Thanks for the reveal.

    • I have more often been working digitally in the past year, but use a similar process. Sketch, trace, paint, tweak. When working traditionally, I trace with a light box which is really just an old school projector. In photoshop, I can turn the opacity up or down. I struggle with capturing the quality of my watercolor work in a scan, so I do find working digitally resolves the issues and allows my work to present better. You can see a sample of my latest approach on my new blog, which is replacing this one, at 😀

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